I am just completing my second term on the Beloit School Board, and I would like to continue because I am a huge “Beloit Backer” and I think public schools are an important factor in any community’s success.

We have seen so much progress in Beloit, like the River Front, Farmers Market, summer concerts, BIFF, the Ironworks renovation, and the Phoenix Building. These are all attractions that bring people to Beloit. We have also had businesses like Kettle Foods, Staples, and Kerry Industries, locate in Beloit.

It is wonderful to have these attractions and these industries that bring jobs, but without strong schools we will have lots of visitors enjoying our attractions — and industries with jobs for people who live elsewhere.

I want people to not only visit Beloit, I want them to live in Beloit, raise their families in Beloit, and send their children to our public schools. I want to continue to help build a better Beloit by building strong schools that are academically excellent, attractive, well maintained, and environmentally and economically sustainable.